Why isn’t all this working? Look over your shoulder

10 Jun

A short realization. How am I suppose to work on finding my passion if I can’t keep my life in order. When I feel I’m constantly failing at this game called life.

I’m not talking about the big things here. I’m talking about all the little steps.

Reading all these amazing blogs by all those amazing people, I started to notice a pattern. Their lives where quite perfect. If I could have just their lives, I’d be perfect at finding my passion.

Because none of them are seemingly bothered by common house tasks. I know what a time suck they are!

Between cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other misc house tasks, I have barely any time left to do anything constructive. Besides that I’d rather sit down and relax.

My mother’s philosophy for the situation is, “if you just put your arms under it for an hour or two you’re done.”

Okay, so I scrubbed my house on a Sunday morning. It took about an hour and a half. Then I only had to do vacuum cleaning. I slumped down on the couch in dismay, related my achievement to my mom and didn’t get up again.

There’s not much magic here. Logically you don’t start with vacuuming. However vacuuming is something I dread the most, something I absolutely don’t have energy for. It simply doesn’t get done.

So I changed my strategy. I focus on 1 room, or set of small rooms. I clean and vacuum them and that’s it. Sounds good right. Doing a little every day, has one problem, it costs a little time every day. So the living room and kitchen (1 room) comes down to an hour of work.

I’m still struggling with cleaning and vacuuming, have been ever since my mom threw in the towel and told me to do it myself. (mostly because she was frustrated with my compulsive tendency to need everything back exactly the same way.)

As far as cooking goes, I generally skip that all together. It requires more time and effort than I spend eating, alone. So the things I eat are fairly simple all together. I generally eat my veggies raw so to say.
(not to mention I’m a very picky eater.)

What’s left to look at is laundry. I do laundry pretty much every day. My mom does it over the weekend.
For me this is impossible. On a time level. I have a washing and drying machine in one. Which means I can wash, or dry. Mom has two machines and can wash and dry at the same time.
I have 4 laundries: black, white + towels, color, red. On a day I do one laundry. One laundry meaning washing, drying, ironing, folding. Except for the laundry I have to hang up, as it won’t be dry. My ironing is often a day behind.
Saving my ironing and doing it all at once is not doable for me. Ironing scares the crap out of me. When I started, 4 out of the 5 tries I burned my fingers. Not the most encouraging experience. So for me ironing requires a lot of concentrating and minimum distractions. There’s only so much concentration I have.

And with all these things, fail badly. So if my life is not in order, how am I suppose to focus on finding my passion (or anything else for that matter) if I’m constantly nagged with the feeling of chores left unfinished or behind schedule.

This is why I’m scheduling and rescheduling my chores, to find a way to get around to them and to have time left for other things.

Since initially writing this post I drastically changed my strategy. I now also have a kitten to look after, so life is even more of a hassle now haha.
I’ve put my chores list together in a weekly checklist, then every day I get reminded to check off things I did that day. Whether or not I actually did anything, I’m reminded off what’s left on my plate.

I’m trying to do things more organically I suppose. See if that works out better for me.

I think if my life is in order, I can focus on my passion and write something for this blog that really has to do with this journey. I keep coming back to household chores, don’t I? I kind of have something against those.

Just need to refocus and set my priorities straight.

How do you combine household chores with doing what you love?


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2 responses to “Why isn’t all this working? Look over your shoulder

  1. Lori

    July 23, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    I see myself in this post. I had to let go of perfectionism; just a little release. Flylady has helped me enormously. their .com is a bit messy but their methods changed my life. I don’t do everything but the schedule, focus, timer and do it now philosophy work for me. It can be a little old-fashioned and a bit faith-based but I just gloss over those bits.

    You’re a wonderful engaging writer. i clicked via a writers in the storm post.

    • Arisa

      July 24, 2012 at 8:51 am

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed my writing!
      Yeah, I’m still working on my “actual doing” part of my plans haha. I will have a look at that website you mentioned, see if I can take anything away from it :)


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