A kitten in my home

17 Jun

Since Friday June 8th I have a kitten in my home. So obviously a lot of time has been spend with this kitten. This means there won’t be a new blog post this week. (I’m out of prewritten posts unfortunately)

My kitten has an interesting story though. When I got my kitten I was under the impression it was a female. So I named my kitten Roxy.
Last Thursday the vet confirmed it was actually a male.
So eh, he would need a new name? Well the vet said that he wouldn’t know Roxy is a girl’s name.
Haha but I do! I’m still getting used to the idea of calling my kitten a he!
So his name is now Rocky or Rox :) I mainly say Rox though.

Anyway, Rox is nice and hyperactive. A little adventurer and explorer!
Hopefully I have a new blogpost for you next week!

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