09 Jul

Whoops, I’m a day late. Of course I should’ve written this right after doing the research. I was busy, I’ll get back to that later. Sunday was just a crappy day. My state of mind was bad, so the day was bad.

Putting that all aside, here’s my conclusions.


So far what I could find is going back to full-time school on a university level, or doing an online course. I didn’t look into this too much though.


This is kind of why I didn’t look into education much. I got stumped. I couldn’t find a career path that honestly interested me. There’s research psychology, but from what I could gather even that wouldn’t really be just doing research.

I’m quite discouraged with my findings. I checked several websites, they all pretty much said the same.

Psychology will probably just stay some hobby I sometimes spend time on.

I think I’m held back by fear a lot.
Fear of failure.
Specifically fear that my new job won’t make me happy.
And fear for my financial situation.

It’s not like I can just switch jobs. I need to keep the education in perspective as well. I feel like just throwing in the towel and walking away from this.

However, that’s not what I’m going to do! Dream big! Dream gigantic. I’m going to aim for super hero!

I won’t give up on finding my passion. Apparently it’s not something “obvious” so I’ll have to look more closely inside.

My goal is at least to have another post out by Sunday!

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