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Updates, trying to keep this blog alive!

I’ve been neglecting this blog again. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had any material to write about, maybe I’ve just been lazy. I should probably commit to writing up a weekly post, even if it’s just to say that I have nothing to say.

Right now I’m doing another Six Week Challenge over on the Nerd Fitness Forums. It basically means setting 4 goals and working toward achieving them in six weeks. One of my goals is to get to 10 kilo dumbbells with the exercises bench press and bent over rows. Yes that means 10 kilo per hand.

Yesterday I did both exercises with 6 kilo dumbbells for the first time. That means moving up from the 4 kilo ones I had used. It was heavy to get my 5 repetitions goal, but I did it. Pretty proud of it, so sharing it here.

As far as my passion is concerned? I can say there hasn’t been any development. I have a sewing project in mind, but I need fabric for that. The fabric market closest to me is only opened on Saturday morning. I’ve meant to make time and visit it.

I’ve put some sewing related wishes on my Christmas wish list. I think sewing is something I want to try to get into more, see where that ends up.

At the same time I completely gave up on drawing. I don’t have the talent, skills and patience for it. I need to be careful not to spread myself too thin and wanting to do everything. That’s why I’ve decided to trade drawing for sewing.

To add, I’ve also picked up fiction writing again! You can find out all about that over on my writing blog!

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