Oops, I’m late!

06 Jan

Well it’s not that I didn’t have time to write for this blog… it’s more that it kept bouncing in my head and I kept doing other things.

Yesterday (that’s Saturday January 5th) I attended an introduction climbing course and had a total blast!
Yes it was also scary, but really cool and I plan on climbing more often.

Anyway, the climbing course also left me tired and in pain. Particularly the muscle soreness I’m feeling now. Lifting anything hurts, and walking is tiresome. So I have mostly just been sitting around watching movies and reading.

I’ve also been thinking about sewing. Last week I did a small sewing experiment, which was mostly frustrating, but I learned a lot, including what I was doing wrong.
Coming week I plan to finally finish the pattern I had in my head and start work on my first plush toy.

(I’m sure in the future this blog will go somewhere more interesting, I’m sorry I keep having such low inspiration for what to write here)


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