Social Media Silence (or overcoming the boredom that comes with it)

05 Jul

I’ve reduced my social media activity by 99%. Earlier this year I deleted my Facebook account, as it was just a source of stress and annoyance.
Then I returned from a trip to New York on June 23rd. And I stopped using social media as much as I had. I stayed off Twitter and Tumblr (my main platforms) most of the time. It gave me great relieve and at the time I was busy and totally preoccupied with some games on my Nintendo 3DS.

I started to get more fed up with social media and deleted my twitter accounts (2) from my iPhone and deleted the twitter app as well. Not much later I decided to delete one of my two twitter accounts completely. I had already unfollowed over half the people I was following (from 24 to 8), on my remaining account.

I deleted other accounts I had for a long time on certain community sites, but wasn’t really using anymore.

Actively I now have 1 twitter account, 1 tumblr account and 1 forum account (Nerd Fitness). Actively I’ve only really been to tumblr. I still feel the relieve of not getting bombarded with messages I didn’t ask for. Something has started to creep in though. Probably the reason I’ve been going to tumblr at all.

I’ve finished or had enough of my 3DS games. Tumblr only takes a limited time to run out of content, as I don’t follow many blogs. So then boredom sets in. All the options I have before me to fill my time either, don’t interest me, feel like too much effort, or have worn out their entertainment value, or are too passive for the moment.

I feel this particular boredom is a positive one. It is showing me how much I was glued to instant entertainment. I also feel that if I can get comfortable with this boredom, great things can happen.

If I can get comfortable, I won’t be as quick to jump back into instant entertainment, to relieve me from that boredom. I can learn to enjoy the peace and quiet again. I can pick up my abandoned hobbies perhaps, without feeling strained about doing them. When you have instant entertainment, entertaining yourself any other way, becomes a lot of effort. Why go through the trouble to take out pen and paper and come up with something to write, when you can flip a switch and have TV, or a movie, or YouTube, or video games, or social media?

What if you remove that switch? Will the feeling of “this is too much effort” also go away? I’m willing to find out.

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