Happy New Year

02 Jan

Happy belated new year!!

I want to breath new life into this blog again. A lot has happened since I last wrote here, and I feel ready to try again.

A new year, with new plans and ideas on how to live my life. Yeah I keep changing my plans all the time, because I haven’t found a plan that works for me yet. I tried many plans I thought off, plans others thought off.

This time I have two things. Three don’t break the chain calendars and one jar. A calendar for eating 3 meals a day, a calendar for exercising in some way every day and a calendar for writing. They’re up on my living room door.
The jar is for collecting positive things. It is in fact called the positive things jar. I want to try and write at least 1 note a day to put in there.
Today’s note will be about feeling proud for completing chores and not breaking the chain.

I’m still unsure about the direction I want to go in with this blog. As always.
I just feel my “go to work, work, go home, do chores, sleep, repeat” life isn’t very interesting to write about.
I’ve made a conscious choice to not follow the news and newspapers and TV and such as a whole. So there’s nothing there.
I am on the internet, but I’m mostly out of the loop on the latest buzz there too. As I found out on New Year’s Eve due to my parents and grandma being over and so TV happening and there being an overview of the most popular YouTube videos. I had seen only one of them.
I also don’t have Facebook, but I do have Twitter. Twitter keeps pestering me that I follow too little people.
I’m probably most active on Tumblr. Today I deleted 3 Tumblr accounts I wasn’t using anymore. My current address there is
I do read a couple of blogs though. About fitness, minimalism, and a bunch of other stuff.

I want to get into minimalism more seriously, but I can’t do without the stuff I use to escape my brain.
That said I don’t have a lot of stuff compared to everyone I know.
I still think I have too much stuff though. Maybe I can pare that down this year.

So as I continue to figure out where to go from here, I do see a wonderful year ahead of me.
I’m positive! And that’s something I haven’t been for awhile.

What are you gonna do this year?

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