Hi, my name is Angela. I’m not your typical blogger and I’m not professional. I write down my thoughts and they tend to ramble and side track. I will try to keep this blog on topic, but I may stray from it.

Here’s some quick background information. My birthday is July 14th 1987 and I’m a girl. I grew up among boys, as in male friends. I’m an only child. I’m an introvert. How to behave in social settings often eludes me. Doesn’t mean I’m anti-social. In fact, I love humans and love interacting with them. I’m just not very good with face-to-face groups. Human beings are fascinating though and I love observing them.

Internal Field Trip is all about what’s going on inside my mind (or minds in general). I love psychology, so it seems proper. It’s mostly about exploring what it is I want in life.

I hope I can keep writing on this blog, keep documenting my journey.


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