Sporting can fry your mind

I was supposed to write a blog post before today, but I didn’t.

This morning I went “bouldering” (which is climbing, but without a rope or other equipment for that matter).
It was scary, yes 4 meters of wall without security is much more scary than 8 meters of wall with security.
Somehow I did manage to “solve” one “problem” (that’s what they call the routes). It was one of the routes marked “easy” so to say. (for those knowing the grades, it was a 3+ problem)

I’m home now, tired, happy I did do that, but also very sluggish, and feeling out of touch.
It’s as if my thinking took a backseat. My brain also needs a rest after this intense sporting experience.
So I had planned a different post, but it’s not willing to come out of my mind for this week.

I’m definitely going to continue climbing. I signed up for a top-roping course. (the climbing you mostly see in indoor halls). It won’t start until March 4th though, but I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ve been just really into exercising lately, so most of my focus is on that.
January 1st I started a “burpee challenge” where the aim is to do burpees for 100 days, adding 1 burpee every day. So today is day 13, meaning I had to do 13 burpees. Which I did, even though I climbed. This means that so far I’ve done 91 burpees.

For those unfamiliar, this is a burpee.
Only since I can’t do a push up yet, I replace that part with a knee push up. The basic idea is to squat, get your chest to the ground, return to a squat and then jump in the air. Scale to your level pretty much.

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Oops, I’m late!

Well it’s not that I didn’t have time to write for this blog… it’s more that it kept bouncing in my head and I kept doing other things.

Yesterday (that’s Saturday January 5th) I attended an introduction climbing course and had a total blast!
Yes it was also scary, but really cool and I plan on climbing more often.

Anyway, the climbing course also left me tired and in pain. Particularly the muscle soreness I’m feeling now. Lifting anything hurts, and walking is tiresome. So I have mostly just been sitting around watching movies and reading.

I’ve also been thinking about sewing. Last week I did a small sewing experiment, which was mostly frustrating, but I learned a lot, including what I was doing wrong.
Coming week I plan to finally finish the pattern I had in my head and start work on my first plush toy.

(I’m sure in the future this blog will go somewhere more interesting, I’m sorry I keep having such low inspiration for what to write here)


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Old Year’s demotivation

Christmas has come and gone and now it’s counting down to the New Year. I realized a strange phenomenon with myself.

I have a big case of “Old Year’s demotivation”.
I would define it as not feeling like moving forward, I will just “start over” in the new year.

The cure of course is “doing it anyway”. I’ve made some progress, or rather I received a Christmas gift from my parents!
That is, a box for storing my sewing supplies! I slightly changed its original idea and pulled out the trays with little containers and putting those in a drawer of my sewing dresser and stuffing the box with left over fabric.

So now my sewing stuff is all organized, I just need to start making patterns and start sewing! My goal is to make at least four plush toys in 2013. So one every three months.

In terms of fitness I signed up for an introductory climbing course! It’ll be held on the 5th of January, so next week. I’m very excited about this! Yes I’m also a bit scared, but I feel this is a great opportunity to work through my fear and to push and experience what I’m capable of when turning my back on fear and “doing it anyway”.

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a great year, but that it wouldn’t be possible without the work I did this year. All valleys aside, I think I’ve seen some pretty great mountains past year!

How was your 2012? Any big plans for 2013? Share your story in the comments below!


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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is around the corner and I spend today wrapping Christmas presents.

I’ve had a slightly rough time with my hormones (we don’t really like each other). I’m doing okay now though.

I haven’t made any progress for my sewing project. It will come and then you’ll get pictures on the blog as well.

I keep changing things.

As you see I don’t have much to say this time around. So happy holidays! Enjoy the Christmas spirit!
Let’s all be kind and considerate to each other!



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New Year’s is coming!

It is never too early to better your life!

So in light of this year ending, let’s look back and refocus.

My memory doesn’t really like the “looking back” though. It all gets kind of blurry when I think of all I did this year, especially the first few months. Nonetheless, I took some time to reflect on another year gone by.

I don’t like dwelling in the past though, so let’s have a look at the future!

Here are the things I want to focus on for the coming year.

  • Climbing
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Helping others
  • Creating creatures (sewing plushies)

Have you reflected and looked back yet? What about plans for the coming year?

Short post this time around, but I don’t have anything more to say at this moment.

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Another word on procrastination

I’ve written a post on procrastination before, and how I had a life full of reminders.

I just read over that post again, which sparked this post. Why? Because my life isn’t like that anymore. This made me ask a very important question.


Why was I having such trouble with things that naturally flow now. What’s the difference? How did I beat procrastination for the most part? What magic trick did I perform?

None actually. I didn’t beat procrastination and I’m not using a magic trick. I have simply experienced how to cure “not feeling like it” with “simply doing it”.

Now it’s no longer a question, it’s simply what I do. Just get up and get started. That’s all it takes. Get out of your head. Stop the thoughts and move those hands. That’s my secret, that’s all there is to my technique.

I’m not saying it’s going to work for you, but why not give it a spin? Try setting a timer for just 20 minutes. That’s all. Do something for just 20, 10, or even 5 minutes. Now do it every day. Don’t try to be perfect or do everything, just do something. Breaking through the barrier of starting is what matters.

If you can learn to start, then you can learn to procrastinate less.


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Rethinking the passion quest

1) I haven’t actually kep to my deal of writing here. I have the best excuse: I forgot.
2) I finally actually do have new material to write. It’s going to go against what I up until this point believed. It’s going to explain a lot of why this whole thing of “finding my passion” hasn’t been working.

I get a lot of my material from reading articles. My reading articles activities were down lately. That is, until yesterday. So I’ve read many articles on certain blogs. I want to highlight one blog in particular. And because it’s a new blog I found, I’ve read many articles on it.

The blog I’m talking about is Study Hacks.

I went there, because I read in another article the phrase ” “follow your passion” is bad advice “. Which Cal Newport, the author of Study Hacks, claimed. It made me curious about what he meant and whatever his advice would be instead.

Newport suggests a new definition of passion: “The feeling that arises from have mastered a skill that earns you recognition and rewards.”
He suggests that passion doesn’t simply exist. It is created, cultivated, by doing something an awful lot.

A post I really enjoyed is “Zen and the Art of Investment Banking: When Working Right is More Important than Finding the Right Work“, it tells the tale of Thomas and the lessons he learned. I really recommend reading it. After all I’m not here to retell it.

Let’s think about what this means for a moment. It means that my search has been in vain. It means that it makes sense that my search hasn’t turned anything up yet. What have I deliberately focused on to the point of mastering it? Nothing. (my mom would probably argue being lazy, but I already changed that around)

So following Newport’s theory, if I haven’t mastered anything, how can I be passionate about anything?

I do think there’s a nuance here, I don’t think just mastering any random skill will make you passionate about it. Maybe I can’t shake conventional wisdom, but I still feel you need an interest before you can cultivate passion.

I’m not quite interested in my field of work. If I was, I’d probably take more interest in knowing about the latest developments. To pursue something you need an interest in it. When that interest grows because of that, it can lead to becoming a passion. I can see logic in that reasoning.

Let’s talk about my interest in sewing. I like it, I like the idea, I just haven’t made the effort to do much with it. If I could put my focus on sewing and do that till I’m great at it. Or what Newport said in one of his articles “so good that they can’t ignore you”. Wouldn’t it make sense that I would become passionate about sewing? I enjoy it, I’m great at it. Sounds like a great deal. Of course it will need a lot of hard work and I won’t be happy every second of the way. And that’s okay, because I’d be building passion instead of trying to find it.

This idea also clicks with the book I’m reading: Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. He explores what it is that make people outliers, or geniuses, successes. Examples like Bill Gates and the Beatles are used.
What Gladwell discovers is opportunities to practice a lot, an insane amount, and then having mastered a skill at just the right time. This leads to success.

Now consider for a moment the people who love their job, isn’t it often that they’re very good at it as well, and isn’t it often that they worked hard to get where they are?

Then it makes perfect sense to argue that passion is something that is build up. And I’d like to add to that, that it comes from an interest pursued obsessively.

Therefor I want to commit myself to start sewing. To practice till I’m great at it.

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