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The “Nothing” Experiment

A lot has been going on with me and my life. I haven’t really found the energy or will to write a blog post.

In any case, I’ve something to share today. I’m going to start an experiment. The “Nothing” Experiment.

That is to say, I will experiment with doing nothing. I need to get back in line with myself.

Here’s what I plan on doing:
I have divided my evening into blocks of 1 hour for things that most likely don’t take that long.
I expect to be home around 4 pm (16:00) every weekday. So I’ve planned accordingly.

5 pm (17:00) – Exercise
6 pm (18:00) – Dinner
7 pm (19:00) – Free time
8 pm (20:00) – Clean up / cleaning
9 pm (21:00) – Bed time

Yes it’s very non specific, which is the point. For example exercising just means moving in a way I feel like at that moment. Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

In the “left-over” time, I will sit quietly. I may read a book, but mostly it’s time reserved for sitting and thinking. Maybe writing or something if I so feel like it. It’s time where I won’t pick up an electronic device, don’t check notifications (they’re off for the most part anyway), and won’t, above all, rush.

I’m doing this to ground myself, to get back to a calm state of mind. To think about what’s really important in life. Important for me that is. I plan in time where I can follow my feelings of the moment, to process the day and think about what direction my life should take.

That’s just some examples I guess. I will see what will come of this, which is the point.


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