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Advice vs. Advice

Advice is not created equal, and often advice bumps me out.

I will be more specific, generalized advice bumps me out. And it has done so only since quite recently.

There’s something about advice, and especially generalized advice that just seems very counter productive. Thanks to my countless self experiments with advice I’ve read on blogs, I can only come to this conclusion.

Let’s go with health for a moment, as it’s the most striking example of this. Pick 10 random health blogs, or websites, or magazine, or anything, you now have 10 pieces of completely different advice on your hand. You decide to follow advice 1, but you don’t get the results you want. So you think, maybe it’s advice 2. And so on and so forth, till you figure none of the advises completely work as advertised. You go to other sources, find different advice again, and so on.

It’s simple, generalized advice isn’t going to get you anywhere, unless you’re an average person fitting whatever withheld criteria is necessary for the advice to apply.

The same goes with what to do with your life and a giant wave of other topics. Most advice isn’t an exact match, or won’t work for you and your situation at all.

That’s not to say you can’t learn from advice, but rather that following it blindly will get you nowhere.

The only thing you really can do is gather up some basic knowledge and then start to experiment and see how your body, mentally and physically react. Take notes, collect data, draw your conclusions on that. Then instead of going to the next, completely different, thing, simply adjust. Look at your notes and data, see what keeps you from being successful and adjust for it.
After all, you now have extensive knowledge about yourself, so use it to create your own path in life!

There’s also specific advice, by which I mean advice given to you specifically. And I don’t mean some one on one coaching where the coach explains his program to you and how it will fit you.
I mean sitting down with someone who gets to know you and your situation, and who then offers advice from scratch, based on that information.
Someone you can go to and say “thanks, I’ve tried your advice, but this, this and this didn’t work out for me, because a, b and c.” Someone who will then help you adjust.

Advice only goes so far. The idea is to experiment and see what makes you feel happy, healthy and successful!
After all, success is subjective! Don’t let anyone tell you what success is supposed to be, define it for yourself!

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The “Nothing” Experiment

A lot has been going on with me and my life. I haven’t really found the energy or will to write a blog post.

In any case, I’ve something to share today. I’m going to start an experiment. The “Nothing” Experiment.

That is to say, I will experiment with doing nothing. I need to get back in line with myself.

Here’s what I plan on doing:
I have divided my evening into blocks of 1 hour for things that most likely don’t take that long.
I expect to be home around 4 pm (16:00) every weekday. So I’ve planned accordingly.

5 pm (17:00) – Exercise
6 pm (18:00) – Dinner
7 pm (19:00) – Free time
8 pm (20:00) – Clean up / cleaning
9 pm (21:00) – Bed time

Yes it’s very non specific, which is the point. For example exercising just means moving in a way I feel like at that moment. Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

In the “left-over” time, I will sit quietly. I may read a book, but mostly it’s time reserved for sitting and thinking. Maybe writing or something if I so feel like it. It’s time where I won’t pick up an electronic device, don’t check notifications (they’re off for the most part anyway), and won’t, above all, rush.

I’m doing this to ground myself, to get back to a calm state of mind. To think about what’s really important in life. Important for me that is. I plan in time where I can follow my feelings of the moment, to process the day and think about what direction my life should take.

That’s just some examples I guess. I will see what will come of this, which is the point.


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