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The Spark

Breaking News!

Like lightning on a clear day…

Okay maybe that’s not such a good metaphor after all.

Ahem. The fog slowly started to lift and suddenly the sun was brightly shining in my face.

That’s better. I’m talking about that “aha” moment, or “eureka” moment. An epiphany if you want to get dramatic.

I would like to call it, “The Spark”. That’s what it was to me. A moment where unexpectedly things clicked and as if two stones collided there was a spark. This spark lighted a fire. Then came firewood and the fire burned brighter-

That’s enough with being cryptic!

Last night I was on my way to bed. I had already closed off the living room for my kitten and was standing in the hallway. I had just read over my job offer and was typing out my thoughts about it in a message to my mom. While typing, my kitten mewed at me. For whatever reason I decided it was a good idea to just sit on the floor and pet him a little.
I send the message and then checked twitter.
Meanwhile something in the back of my mind started crawling out of the darkness. After it made sure it was safe, the thought launched itself into the light and clung on my conscience with determination.

In that moment I realized what my purpose was. What I needed to do in my life.
It gave me so much energy and motivation, it was slightly crazy! Not only that, the fire it started grew brighter and brighter. Two hours later I still couldn’t sleep thanks to all the energy and ideas.

My passion?!

Could it be that in that moment my passion revealed itself to me? It sure did make my heart sing! (and I felt like dancing along)

The idea is to combine my love for helping people, with my love for organizing stuff and making systems.

Before you start thinking, “oh great another productivity blog”, that’s not what I’m after.
My idea is two sized.

1) I want to help people with their routines. I want to observe their workflow and help them automate steps as well as help organize their lives. I want to do this according to their prefered way of working. I want to make it easier for them, so without putting down a whole complex new way of working.

2) I want to make simple, easy to understand, easy to implement templates. The idea is to give someone the template and they can work with it without (much) instruction. (Think about the Apple iPad.)

Now I want to work toward making this idea a reality!!

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Blogs, blogs, blogs

These days there’s something like blogs in existence. The internet is filled with all kinds of blogs, written by all kinds of people. In the category of blogs trying to help other people with their life, everyone claims to have the best answer. Whether explicit, or implicit.

Of course when searching for your passion it’s nice to turn to such blogs. I haven’t found any that are about finding your passion, but there are plenty of blogs I follow that sometimes delve on the subject in one way or another.

I once commented on a post about following your passion, that I didn’t know what my passion was and so it was hard to do what the post stated. Even though the post itself made me very excited. Another reader responded to my comment with some book recommendations.

– “I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What It Was,” by Barbara Sher
– “Finding Your Own North Star” by Martha Beck.

I bought the first one and I’m busy it. It really appealed to me and I’m truly trying to do all the exercises. (usually I just read self-help books without taking action, which totally doesn’t help) More on the book in later posts! After all this post was about blogs, not books. Here are two blogs I follow that have content that appeals to me.

Zen Habits
Leo promotes living a simpler life. Especially his clutter challenge appealed to me. I’ve been slowly getting rid of things in my home to find peace there. When I was unpacking my stuff I totally realized I had way too much clutter, things that I don’t actually need. I’ve thrown things out, making pictures before saying goodbye. It really helps lift my spirit. And a lifted spirit is more ready to take on big things like finding my passion. Out of the blogs I’m following, Zen Habits is probably the one I look most forward to a new post.

Courage 2 Create
This blog is more focused on writing. Ollin also talks about life and how to apply certain life lessons to writing. Since writing is one of my hobbies I really enjoy this blog. I learn things both for my life and for my writing specifically. This makes every post enjoyable on more than one level. I really like how there’s always humor in his posts, even though they are serious. It keeps things from getting too heavy.

Just a really short post this time, I really wanted to share my two favorite blogs with you. I really think blogs are a great way to read about other people’s experiences and learn from them.

I want to follow a blog about finding your passion, but I haven’t actually stumbled upon one. Do you know one? Do you write one? Let me know in the comments!


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