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Happy New Year

Happy belated new year!!

I want to breath new life into this blog again. A lot has happened since I last wrote here, and I feel ready to try again.

A new year, with new plans and ideas on how to live my life. Yeah I keep changing my plans all the time, because I haven’t found a plan that works for me yet. I tried many plans I thought off, plans others thought off.

This time I have two things. Three don’t break the chain calendars and one jar. A calendar for eating 3 meals a day, a calendar for exercising in some way every day and a calendar for writing. They’re up on my living room door.
The jar is for collecting positive things. It is in fact called the positive things jar. I want to try and write at least 1 note a day to put in there.
Today’s note will be about feeling proud for completing chores and not breaking the chain.

I’m still unsure about the direction I want to go in with this blog. As always.
I just feel my “go to work, work, go home, do chores, sleep, repeat” life isn’t very interesting to write about.
I’ve made a conscious choice to not follow the news and newspapers and TV and such as a whole. So there’s nothing there.
I am on the internet, but I’m mostly out of the loop on the latest buzz there too. As I found out on New Year’s Eve due to my parents and grandma being over and so TV happening and there being an overview of the most popular YouTube videos. I had seen only one of them.
I also don’t have Facebook, but I do have Twitter. Twitter keeps pestering me that I follow too little people.
I’m probably most active on Tumblr. Today I deleted 3 Tumblr accounts I wasn’t using anymore. My current address there is
I do read a couple of blogs though. About fitness, minimalism, and a bunch of other stuff.

I want to get into minimalism more seriously, but I can’t do without the stuff I use to escape my brain.
That said I don’t have a lot of stuff compared to everyone I know.
I still think I have too much stuff though. Maybe I can pare that down this year.

So as I continue to figure out where to go from here, I do see a wonderful year ahead of me.
I’m positive! And that’s something I haven’t been for awhile.

What are you gonna do this year?

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Old Year’s demotivation

Christmas has come and gone and now it’s counting down to the New Year. I realized a strange phenomenon with myself.

I have a big case of “Old Year’s demotivation”.
I would define it as not feeling like moving forward, I will just “start over” in the new year.

The cure of course is “doing it anyway”. I’ve made some progress, or rather I received a Christmas gift from my parents!
That is, a box for storing my sewing supplies! I slightly changed its original idea and pulled out the trays with little containers and putting those in a drawer of my sewing dresser and stuffing the box with left over fabric.

So now my sewing stuff is all organized, I just need to start making patterns and start sewing! My goal is to make at least four plush toys in 2013. So one every three months.

In terms of fitness I signed up for an introductory climbing course! It’ll be held on the 5th of January, so next week. I’m very excited about this! Yes I’m also a bit scared, but I feel this is a great opportunity to work through my fear and to push and experience what I’m capable of when turning my back on fear and “doing it anyway”.

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a great year, but that it wouldn’t be possible without the work I did this year. All valleys aside, I think I’ve seen some pretty great mountains past year!

How was your 2012? Any big plans for 2013? Share your story in the comments below!


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New Year’s is coming!

It is never too early to better your life!

So in light of this year ending, let’s look back and refocus.

My memory doesn’t really like the “looking back” though. It all gets kind of blurry when I think of all I did this year, especially the first few months. Nonetheless, I took some time to reflect on another year gone by.

I don’t like dwelling in the past though, so let’s have a look at the future!

Here are the things I want to focus on for the coming year.

  • Climbing
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Helping others
  • Creating creatures (sewing plushies)

Have you reflected and looked back yet? What about plans for the coming year?

Short post this time around, but I don’t have anything more to say at this moment.

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