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Sporting can fry your mind

I was supposed to write a blog post before today, but I didn’t.

This morning I went “bouldering” (which is climbing, but without a rope or other equipment for that matter).
It was scary, yes 4 meters of wall without security is much more scary than 8 meters of wall with security.
Somehow I did manage to “solve” one “problem” (that’s what they call the routes). It was one of the routes marked “easy” so to say. (for those knowing the grades, it was a 3+ problem)

I’m home now, tired, happy I did do that, but also very sluggish, and feeling out of touch.
It’s as if my thinking took a backseat. My brain also needs a rest after this intense sporting experience.
So I had planned a different post, but it’s not willing to come out of my mind for this week.

I’m definitely going to continue climbing. I signed up for a top-roping course. (the climbing you mostly see in indoor halls). It won’t start until March 4th though, but I’m really looking forward to it!

I’ve been just really into exercising lately, so most of my focus is on that.
January 1st I started a “burpee challenge” where the aim is to do burpees for 100 days, adding 1 burpee every day. So today is day 13, meaning I had to do 13 burpees. Which I did, even though I climbed. This means that so far I’ve done 91 burpees.

For those unfamiliar, this is a burpee.
Only since I can’t do a push up yet, I replace that part with a knee push up. The basic idea is to squat, get your chest to the ground, return to a squat and then jump in the air. Scale to your level pretty much.

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And now for something completely different.

I’ve been talking about finding my passion and jobs and all that. Today I’ll be talking about the challenge I’m taking.

I read a post on courage to create about following the flow and doing what moves you at the moment. It had me thinking, that maybe instead of finding my passion, I should just do “whatever I feel like doing”.

So for the coming month, when I’m done with obligations, I’ll be doing what I feel like at the moment. Of course I’ll be sharing my progress and any lessons I pick up along the way.

That’s the easy part. I’ll be doing another challenge as well. This one is about health.

My secret passion is doing parkour, and to do that, I need to get fit! So my diet and exercising isn’t centered on weight loss (like everyone and their mother seem to do these days), but on getting fit and strong.

Here’s what typically happens.
I will say I’m on a diet and exercising and people immediately jump me with “but you’re not fat”, “but you don’t need to lose weight”, or whatever language they may so choose.
I either simply shrug it off, or explain that isn’t why I do it. Also explaining I’m not on a diet for x time, I’m on a diet for life.

So what diet am I on anyway? At this point I’m still experimenting. The coming month I will be doing the Whole30 challenge. I just adapted it for my first try. I’ll allow dairy. You may call me out on cheating, but I need to start somewhere and I find it a waste to throw out all expensive organic dairy products. I will probably limit them and if they’re gone see if I can manage without them.

So after this month I will rate this Whole30 idea and see if that’s what’s really fitting my body. I will try to eat the things I’m skipping again and see how my body reacts. From there I will be making my conclusions and make a plan for myself.

As for exercising, I’ll be going with a 3 day cardio and 3 day strength training a week schedule. mon cardio, tue strength, wed cardio, thu strength, fri cardio, sat strength, sun rest.

Wish me luck during the coming 30 days! (starting today) I will keep you posted on progress!

This being an “extra” post, you can still expect me to write a new post by Sunday.

Hope you have a great week!

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