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The Spark

Breaking News!

Like lightning on a clear day…

Okay maybe that’s not such a good metaphor after all.

Ahem. The fog slowly started to lift and suddenly the sun was brightly shining in my face.

That’s better. I’m talking about that “aha” moment, or “eureka” moment. An epiphany if you want to get dramatic.

I would like to call it, “The Spark”. That’s what it was to me. A moment where unexpectedly things clicked and as if two stones collided there was a spark. This spark lighted a fire. Then came firewood and the fire burned brighter-

That’s enough with being cryptic!

Last night I was on my way to bed. I had already closed off the living room for my kitten and was standing in the hallway. I had just read over my job offer and was typing out my thoughts about it in a message to my mom. While typing, my kitten mewed at me. For whatever reason I decided it was a good idea to just sit on the floor and pet him a little.
I send the message and then checked twitter.
Meanwhile something in the back of my mind started crawling out of the darkness. After it made sure it was safe, the thought launched itself into the light and clung on my conscience with determination.

In that moment I realized what my purpose was. What I needed to do in my life.
It gave me so much energy and motivation, it was slightly crazy! Not only that, the fire it started grew brighter and brighter. Two hours later I still couldn’t sleep thanks to all the energy and ideas.

My passion?!

Could it be that in that moment my passion revealed itself to me? It sure did make my heart sing! (and I felt like dancing along)

The idea is to combine my love for helping people, with my love for organizing stuff and making systems.

Before you start thinking, “oh great another productivity blog”, that’s not what I’m after.
My idea is two sized.

1) I want to help people with their routines. I want to observe their workflow and help them automate steps as well as help organize their lives. I want to do this according to their prefered way of working. I want to make it easier for them, so without putting down a whole complex new way of working.

2) I want to make simple, easy to understand, easy to implement templates. The idea is to give someone the template and they can work with it without (much) instruction. (Think about the Apple iPad.)

Now I want to work toward making this idea a reality!!

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